RestaurantWith the required amount of experience, hard work, long-term learning and researching process and certainly thanks to the above mentioned, gaining the excellent contacts we can announce: We have made it! We have thought it over in a new light, taken it into its elements, put it together again, polished it, modified it and finally we have established such a thing that is unique in Kecskemét. Since we have been thinking about it for years to do something different. Let’s do it in a different way. Let’s make it come true what we think of hospitality. This is how Spaletta Restaurant and Pub was born.

For ages we have been preparing for the time to create something that is not only special in Kecskemét but it also counts unique on the gastronomical palette of the country. We have travelled all over the country and the world, paid attention all the time, studied and collected experience. And in the meantime we were looking for the right venue where we can make our plans happen.

PubAfter we had found the building in Jókai street, which was the beer depot in Kecskemét in the beginning of the last century, we renovated it so the more than 100-year-old house was renovated outside and got a new interior inside. We have collected the top of the profession and we have made our dreams come true with them: a place where in a real pub atmosphere premium brands of beer are tapped while at the highest standard we serve those who would love enjoy culinary enjoyment in a unique restaurant.

This is how Spaletta Restaurant and Pub was born, a place that is basically two. Two that are one. A place where two types of hospitality come true: cheerful beer drinking with friends and peaceful, chatty meals with friends, family, business dinner and other dinner partners.