RestaurantWhen we decided to open a restaurant, neither we thought of what not to open nor we had an positive example in front of us. We just wanted to find the perfect location where we could benefit from our more decade-long catering experience and after having so many battles in our head we could finally show the world how we imagine catering. This is all about. The location, the technology, the ingredients and those who help us make it happen.


KitchenTo be able to process the precious ingredients at the best possible way and to make the result the very best in taste, appearance and quality we have equipped our kitchen with state-of-the-art technology. And if we have already set off on our way, we thought to make it complete that we have found out. We bake our bread in our bakery, here we make the cakes, desserts and the beer snacks for the pub, as well.


IngredientsSuch local farmers, who have not sacrificed quality for quantity, who they farm their land “with their own hands” as well as they do not use artificial materials and the “flavour of the Hungarian soil” can be tasted in their products. Everything we receive from them is always fresh, delicious, tasty and healthy. It is not by chance that we have got rid of the usual fizzy and sugary beverages from our restaurant. Instead of them we offer artisan syrups. As for the food that is served on the plates, they are mostly gluten-free dishes.


However, this would not be enough if we did not have those people who create wonderful, delicious, unique food in our state-of-the-art kitchen. We spent a lot of time to find, choose, teach and train our people so now we have a staff of people who meet all our expectations.


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